Hundreds of Printable D&D Puzzles You Can Play Today

Finding high-quality printable D&D puzzles for your tabletop is not easy. Sure, there are a few D&D puzzles in the official material but we blazed through that in a month. So what’s a puzzle lover to do?  What you need is a collection of hundreds of richly illustrated puzzles for your D&D game that you can … Read more

D&D Bridge Puzzles: Crossing the Abyss

Ever since Gandalf stood up against the Balrog, bridges in Dungeons and Dragons have fascinated us. They are the narrowest of connections between one realm and the next. And to cross over, players must follow this perilous path or fall into the abyss forever. Or they can just take a tumble into a babbling brook. … Read more

D&D Escape Room Puzzles: Our Top Picks

In the past decade or so the popularity of escape room puzzles has exploded. Apparently, there’s just something about being locked up with time running out that people really enjoy. And the same is true for Dungeons & Dragons. Its popularity has skyrocketed since the release of 5e edition.  So why not combine the two? … Read more

D&D Ice and Snow Puzzles: Winter has Come

Placing your party of adventurers in a wintery snow land comes with all kinds of dangers. Snowstorms, avalanches, ice golems, and whatnot. But not all challenges need to be dangerous and it’s not all about having the highest constitution score.  A good ice or snow puzzle can liven up your arctic D&D campaign in ways … Read more

Best D&D Puzzle Props to Surprise Your Players

Dungeons & Dragons is mostly played in the theatre of the mind. And DMs must conjure up a whole world by using their words and imagination. That’s a very tall order. So every chance you get to use props in your D&D game makes your life easier. And using puzzle props is the perfect opportunity … Read more

D&D Logic Puzzles you Should Try Today

There are lots of types of puzzles you can use in your D&D games but logic puzzles are by far the easiest to integrate. This is because logic puzzles are either based on statements or numbers. And what is D&D really other than a bunch of statements and numbers? In this article we’ll show you … Read more

Two D&D Dwarven Puzzles You Can Use Today

Dwarves are arguably the coolest race in Dungeons & Dragons. Because let’s face it, nobody likes an elf. Kidding, but there is something about Dwarves and their rich culture that begs to be explored. And that’s why using puzzles that fit the Dwarven theme is perfect. Here’s why. With puzzles, you can introduce many aspects … Read more

3 D&D Maze Puzzles That Will Make Your Head Spin

Mazes and Labyrinths speak to the imagination. Caught in a maze, you never know what’s around the corner or if you are even getting closer to the exit. Of course, a minotaur might know but we’re afraid to ask. While mazes are amazing, pun intended, they don’t always translate well into the format of Dungeons … Read more