RPG Puzzles: Interview With an Expert Puzzle Designer

If you’ve visited our website before you know that we’re fans of puzzles for RPGs by Dungeonvault. These puzzles are great for more reasons than we can go into now. And today I have the honor of sitting down with the brains behind the operation; expert puzzle designer Paul Camp, to ask him how he … Read more

How to Run D&D Puzzle Adventures Like Nobody’s Business

Running even a single good puzzle in your D&D adventure is not easy. You need to come up with a puzzle that fits the story, is engaging, and is above all, well-designed.  A lot of time can go into setting up just one puzzle. But when you’re running a D&D puzzle adventure you’re managing multiple … Read more

Outdoor D&D Puzzles: Forests, Swamps, and Jungles

Ah, the Great Outdoors. Breathing in the fresh air, running from Owlbears and whatnot. What could be better than exploring all the wilderness that D&D has to offer? Well, adding some puzzles to all that nature of course.  If you need some inspiration for combining puzzles with your forest, swamp, or jungle D&D setting, you’ve … Read more

3 D&D Maze Puzzles That Will Make Your Head Spin

Mazes and Labyrinths speak to the imagination. Caught in a maze, you never know what’s around the corner or if you are even getting closer to the exit. Of course, a minotaur might know but we’re afraid to ask. While mazes are amazing, pun intended, they don’t always translate well into the format of Dungeons … Read more

D&D Escape Room Puzzles: Our Top Picks

In the past decade or so the popularity of escape room puzzles has exploded. Apparently, there’s just something about being locked up with time running out that people really enjoy. And the same is true for Dungeons & Dragons. Its popularity has skyrocketed since the release of 5e edition.  So why not combine the two? … Read more

D&D Horror and Undead Puzzles: Vampires and Zombies Abound!

Puzzles have a reputation for being dull intellectual challenges. But we are here to change all of that! Because in our Dungeons & Dragons games puzzles are crawling with undead horrors. Let’s see if your players still believe puzzles are boring when cold the dead hands of a vampire or a mob of zombies are … Read more

How to Run Politics in D&D: A Practical Approach

Our party has always wanted to run a political D&D campaign. We imagined it to be filled with political backstabbing and double-crossing, shady deals, and broken alliances. But after only a few sessions I felt I had bitten off more than I could chew as a DM. And my players complained they felt like spectators … Read more

D&D Bridge Puzzles: Crossing the Abyss

Bridges in Dungeons and Dragons have always fascinated us. They are the narrowest of connections between one realm and the next. And to cross over players must follow this perilous path or fall into the abyss forever. Or they can just take a tumble into a babbling brook. Your choice. Puzzles are perfect to use … Read more

Hundreds of Printable D&D Puzzles You Can Play Today

Finding high-quality printable D&D puzzles for your tabletop is not easy. Sure, there are a few D&D puzzles in the official material but we blazed through that in a month. So what’s a puzzle lover to do?  What you need is a collection of hundreds of richly illustrated puzzles for your D&D game that you can just … Read more

How NOT to Award XP for D&D Puzzles: Do This Instead

There is one thing that has always really annoyed us about awarding XP for puzzles in Dungeons and Dragons. Ready? Here it comes: If you present a puzzle to a first level party you hand out an amount of XP appropriate for that level. But if you present the exact same puzzle to a party … Read more