Hundreds of Printable D&D Puzzles You Can Play Today

Finding high-quality printable D&D puzzles for your tabletop is not easy. Sure, there are a few D&D puzzles in the official material but we blazed through that in a month. So what’s a puzzle lover to do? 

What you need is a collection of hundreds of richly illustrated puzzles for your D&D game that you can just print and play. And we’ve got just the thing for you!

The Puzzle Bundle is the largest collection of Illustrated Printable Puzzles in the World. Not only do you get hundreds of illustrated puzzles. Some of the puzzle packs in this bundle are also puzzle systems that allow you to quickly build an infinite amount of new puzzles.

And with ‘quick’ we mean that you can simply create a puzzle on the fly during your game when you need one. Here’s an example:

Use Printable Puzzles to Create D&D Puzzles on the Fly

One of the puzzles packs that contains both premade printable puzzles and the means to create your own is Dungeon Puzzles. With this puzzle, you print 4 by 4-inch dungeon tiles. 

In the premade version players are given a scrambled map of a dungeon. They must recreate the map with the printed dungeon tiles and then, rotate those pieces in their place to make sure all pieces align.

So a scrambled map would look like this:

Once they’ve rotated all the pieces you get a dungeon with connecting corridors that you can immediately drop your tokens on to start playing. So it’s both a puzzle AND a dungeon map. Clever huh?

Here’s what a part of a solved dungeon puzzle looks like:

But what about using these printable pieces for creating puzzles on the fly? Well, you can lay out any dungeon design you want with these pieces. And once you are done, just rotate them in their place and your puzzle is ready to be solved. It is THAT easy!


We tested these and they work great. And we also use these puzzle pieces as a printed card deck for generating random dungeons. 

Using Printable D&D Puzzles for Immersion

In D&D we do a lot in the theatre of the mind. But it can be taxing for DMs to constantly have to use narration to paint a picture. The only physical material DMs usually have at their disposal to build the world are:

  1. Maps
  2. Tokens and terrain
  3. Props

But with printable puzzles, you get a fourth way to engage your players with physical material. Full-color richly illustrated printed puzzles that players can touch and manipulate draw them deeper into your campaign world. We often just introduce the puzzle and sit back while the players enjoy themselves.

The puzzles in the Puzzle Bundle have all been designed to add something unique to your campaign world. And at the same time, they are versatile enough to be used in any campaign. There are puzzles in this pack that simply lock a door, but also ones that provide you with a whole system for creating magic items (if you choose to use them that way). And each puzzle pack comes with a printable instruction manual and suggestions for play. And if you do choose to run your games on a virtual tabletop the packs also come with pieces for that. 

You can check out the Puzzle Bundle in our webshop. 


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