Three D&D Puzzles for Toddlers and Crybabies

It’s the end of a long day and your players’ concentration levels are almost completely depleted. Still, you want to treat them to an intellectual challenge that isn’t too difficult for their weary minds. 

So what do you do? You Google ‘D&D puzzles for toddlers’ and find this convenient article! Here are our recommendations of puzzles that even a toddler (ahum player I mean) can easily solve but still feel like a hero.

3. D&D Lock Puzzles for Toddlers

Lock Puzzles are ideal for players who prefer a challenge but don’t want it to be too difficult. With this puzzle, you can adjust the difficulty level on the fly. Here’s how:

The easiest level is just a single puzzle slot with three puzzle pieces. This shouldn’t be a challenge to any player. But you can add a second slot, also with three puzzle pieces. And now players have to figure out which piece goes in which slot. 

Add a third slot and this puzzle becomes increasingly difficult to solve. At its most difficult level, this puzzle comes with nine slots. That’s way beyond toddler level. But you don’t have to use all nine. You can adjust this puzzle on game night depending on your players’ concentration levels.


2. D&D Laser Puzzles for Toddlers

Laser Puzzles are relatively easy to solve but it does take a lot of steps. Your toddlers (did I say that again? I mean players) will feel like they’ve accomplished a difficult puzzle because of all the steps they had to solve. But in reality, none of the steps were very difficult. This is a great way to make players feel like heroes with an easy and very solvable puzzle challenge.

1. D&D Runestone Puzzles for Toddlers

Runestone Puzzles are extremely difficult to solve. But you can adjust the difficulty level on the fly to toddler levels AND give your players a lot of hints. So instead of having the players solving this puzzle, you can challenge their characters by having them roll intelligence checks for clues. And even a toddler knows how to roll dice. 

So if your players are being big crybabies about puzzles being too hard you can still make them feel like heroes while actually serving up some relatively easy puzzles. Also, if some of your players don’t enjoy puzzles while others do you can give them different challenges. Here’s an article we wrote about playing to players’ strengths that might help. 

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