D&D Portal Puzzles to Travel the Realms: Our Top Picks

Portals are a staple of Dungeons & Dragons. Whenever players find one they know new realms are about to unfold before them. But as a DM you don’t want your players to be able to just access any portal they encounter. That’s why you need to lock your portals with puzzles. And in this article, … Read more

Best D&D Puzzle Props to Surprise Your Players

Dungeons & Dragons is mostly played in the theatre of the mind. And DMs must conjure up a whole world by using their words and imagination. That’s a very tall order. So every chance you get to use props in your D&D game makes your life easier. And using puzzle props is the perfect opportunity … Read more

D&D Statue and Pillar Puzzles: Secrets of Stone

Statues and pillars puzzles have always been fascinating to me. Whether it’s a lone pillar in a grassy field or a regal statue on a roof’s edge. They always look like there’s more to it than meets the eye. And when you combine D&D puzzles with statues and pillars, there actually is.  The fact that … Read more

D&D Logic Puzzles you Should Try Today

There are lots of types of puzzles you can use in your D&D games but logic puzzles are by far the easiest to integrate. This is because logic puzzles are either based on statements or numbers. And what is D&D really other than a bunch of statements and numbers? In this article we’ll show you … Read more

D&D Math Puzzles to Break your Brain

I love a good math puzzle in D&D. There, I’ve said it. Many D&D players like math. But even if you’re not crazy about math, you can change things to make it more fun. No really, trust me, it’s possible. We’ll take a look at some of the best D&D math puzzles I’ve come across … Read more