D&D Elemental Puzzles… Use Earth Air Fire Water

Dungeons and Dragons uses the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water – throughout its books. There are elemental monsters, spells, and even elemental planes. So it makes perfect sense to have elemental puzzles in your D&D world as well. In this article, we’ll look at two puzzles you can use to represent the … Read more

D&D Ice and Snow Puzzles: Winter has Come

Placing your party of adventurers in a wintery snow land comes with all kinds of dangers. Snowstorms, avalanches, ice golems, and whatnot. But not all challenges need to be dangerous and it’s not all about having the highest constitution score.  A good ice or snow puzzle can liven up your arctic D&D campaign in ways … Read more

Two D&D Environmental Puzzles to Explore the Wilderness

Ah, the Great Outdoors! Who doesn’t love to breathe in the fresh air and explore the wilds? Unless of course, you’re in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign where the great outdoors are crawling with territorial Owlbears and the occasional Dragon. But that doesn’t stop our PCs. In fact, they expect to see monsters lurking behind … Read more

D&D Desert Puzzles for Pyramids and Crypts

Deserts in D&D can be very difficult to run because they are mostly defined by what isn’t there. There’s no water, no protection from the sun, and virtually no life. So you can’t really blame players if they choose to find some much-needed shade in a cozy pyramid or crypt. Even if they are riddled … Read more

Two D&D Dwarven Puzzles You Can Use Today

Dwarves are arguably the coolest race in Dungeons & Dragons. Because let’s face it, nobody likes an elf. Kidding, but there is something about Dwarves and their rich culture that begs to be explored. And that’s why using puzzles that fit the Dwarven theme is perfect. Here’s why. With puzzles, you can introduce many aspects … Read more

Three D&D Puzzles for Toddlers and Crybabies

It’s the end of a long day and your players’ concentration levels are almost completely depleted. Still, you want to treat them to an intellectual challenge that isn’t too difficult for their weary minds.  So what do you do? You Google ‘D&D puzzles for toddlers’ and find this convenient article! Here are our recommendations of … Read more

3 D&D Combat Puzzle Encounters that Leave Players Speechless

In the magnificent world of Dungeons & Dragons players encounter and combat monsters all the time. But even with a wide variety of monsters combat can start to feel a little repetitive. After a while players start using the same tactics for every combat encounter. Tank at the front, healer close behind, ranged attackers at … Read more

5 Tips for Improving Teamwork with D&D Puzzles

Nothing binds a group of D&D players together more than solving a difficult task, such as a puzzle, together. It’s a beautiful thing when players and their characters cooperate to achieve a common goal. And yet, when you hand out a carefully prepared puzzle that should incite teamwork, all too often, one player solves the … Read more

D&D Puzzle Books: A Price Comparison

Puzzles are a staple of Dungeons & Dragons. But there aren’t many resources for illustrated puzzles. For years D&D didn’t even bother to put out any a book with puzzles. That all changed with the release of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything on November 17, 2020. Finally, WotC decided to bring us 13 illustrated puzzles. Thirteen … Read more